Sunday AM:  Shake It Up Sunday
Every third Sunday of the month
Let’s learn more about each other.
If you are white, attend a black church;
if you are black, attend a white church.
Participating Churches:
Taylor Chapel United Methodist Church, 400 N Lamine Ave, Sedalia
Wesley United Methodist Church, 1322 W Broadway Blvd, Sedalia

In the News


Council for Racial Understanding Meetings

An informal Sunday afternoon walk-in gathering from 2pm – 4pm during the month of September, 2018 at the Rose M. Nolen Black History Library to discuss how life has been if you are Black – and how life has been if you are White.

A lot of Black people have been treated despicably and most unfairly due to their Race. What have you experienced?

I want us to talk. Talk is healing and forgiving. Times are different now. The bad years are over. Come into your own with all the rights and privileges you deserve. Let go of the hate and fear and learn to love. Don’t let your past experiences hold you captive.

Remember: Sunday afternoons at 2:00pm during September, 2018.  Come as you are – no need to dress up. I’ll provide the Lemonade and cookies. You provide the talk!

Best regards,
Marge Harlan
Rose M. Nolen Black History Library

Remember- Racism is a monster that will not go quietly in the night! (Talk though will kill this monster!)


Council on Racial Understanding

Moving from Shame to Self-Worth

If you are of the Black race and suffer from:

  • discouragement
  • anger
  • hopelessness
  • despair
  • low self-esteem

Let’s talk!!  This is a safe place. This Black History Library was built for you!!

Most Whites feel discouraged from time to time. However, their load is light compared to Blacks who have been discriminated against,  discouraged, and persecuted almost their entire lives.

We all need to remember that Jesus had a very positive belief about himself and in spite of the torture and abuse he received cried out, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”. His own sense of worth and value remained intact.

Is yours?

If not, why not?

You are worthy. You are a valued person.

This Library tells you that!!