Slave Cabin

IMG_0968Well here is our Slave Cabin, or as some would like to call it, Lincoln’s Cabin!

Carefully crafted from the old barn boards sourced in Bunceton, Mo.

Stones for the working fireplace came from the hills around it.

Large front porch with a comfortable settee, bird houses up above inside the porch and Coreopsis, day lillies, milkweed, salvia and Indigo surround the cabin in the flowerbeds.

A trumpet vine is starting up and the raised beds of the Heritage Garden (cotton, rice, tobacco, sugar cane, peanuts and sweet potatoes) are laid out around a vintage bird bath.

Inside walls contain multiple displays of the Journey of Courage, depicting the long struggle of African Americans for their rights.

A sign on the front says Welcome! Come inside and rest, it is not locked. May we all live in peace and friendship.