lloyd warner

Lynching of Lloyd Warner, St. Joseph, Mo. 1933
WOUNDS PERSIST 75 YEARS AFTER LYNCHING (St. Joseph News Press, Joe Blumberg) Seventy-five years ago, a reported 5,000 people watched as a mob stormed the Buchanan County Jail to beat, kill, lynch and burn Lloyd Warner, a black 19 year old of St. Joseph who had been accused of assaulting and raping a white woman.

Sheriff Otto Theisen held off the mob for three and a half hours, hiding Mr. Warner in a crawl space and denying he was in the jail. But fearing the mob would eventually break in and kill the other 11 black men in the jail, Mr. Theisen gave Mr. Warner to the crowd.

Theresa Rowlett, 73 is Mr. Warner’s niece. She learned of the incident as an adult, through bits and pieces. “I just hate that it happened. He really didn’t do anything – that’s what my Mom told me. Regardless, “How could they do something like that to somebody?”

Time has not healed all these wounds. Ms. Moore said several people, particularly back people avoid discussing the matter.

Ms. Moore, a white woman has researched the lynching for a year. “Where were the clergy? Where were the judges? Where were the community leaders?” and then Ms. Moore asks. –Where are the answers??

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